Published : 06/01/2016

This is the message of Evio Hermas Ercoli, art director of BIUMOR, who wanted to celebrate one of the most renowned  italian caricaturists, who turned 95 today.

Foto testo
Una delle opere di Inerlenghi conservate nel Museo dell'umorismo

A happy birthday to Danilo Interlenghi. The art director of BIUMOR, Evio Hermas Ercoli, joins the other personalities who wanted to remember the 95th birthday of the weel-known caricaturist from Fermo, who once was a winner of the International Biennial exhibition of Humour in Art organised by the municipality of Tolentino and also a member of the panel of judges of the contest in 1987 and 1989. A retrospective dedicated to the works kept in the International Museum of Humour in Art of Tolentino is scheduled for the year 2016. "Interlenghi's works characterised the majority of the cultural and political sequence of events of our contemporaneity" said Ercoli. "He can put in every portrait the interior world of every character, describing better than with a written work the soul of every subject born from his pencil. I am honored because I had the chance to meet him and I am happy to say that we have some of his works in our International Museum of Humour in Art, and that The BIUMOR will dedicate him a  retrospective in 2016". This artist consacrated all his life to the art of caricature. His mastery brought him national and international recognition and he could also cooperate with some of the biggest italian newspapers.




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