Published : 05/11/2015
Foto sommario

Humour seen through some pop-philosophy lenses is back, during the conference that closed the 28th edition of BIUMOR, all dedicated to World War I.

A society made of change, obsessed by the future and indifferent to the past and present. This is the reality of Fortunato Depero, narrated by the director of BIUMOR Evio Hermas Ercoli during the meeting at the building Palazzo Sangallo; a meeting dedicated to the artist's parable. For the occasion, his work of the collection of the building Palazzo Ricci: "I pagliaccetti" was shown in its original version. A name that goes hand in hand with the futurist movement when it comes to personal and historic events, also sharing thick and thin and "coups de théâtre". A pioneer, a man that looked ahead, whose dreams have been broken by the start of the First World War, as well as for every enthusiast for that "war, the world's only hygiene". "The transition between the excitement of 1915 and the tragedy of 1916 contained the explenation of the second Futurism. The heroic impulse died in the trenches. Overthrow our syntax is really different than killing a man. The machine gun poetry is one thing, but face the same machine gun, staring death in the face, is quite something else – said Ercoli on the anniversary of Italy's victory day of World War I – From that moment on Futurism would not be used to win wars, but instead it would be used to survive them". From the destructive impulse of the heroic period to the building of a routine, Futurism becomes in its second phase an applied art, reaching all the first innovative forms of advertising. A brilliant example is the little bottle of Campari Soda: the unfailing happy hour served after the conference. "In spite of all his personal failures, Depero was very optimistic – concluded Ercoli – his work "Balli plastici", pne of the first experimentation of the avant-garde theatre, moves up many aspects of the humorous graphics. Geniality invades all his art in the hope of a new mankind that looks ahead. Laura Mocchegiani, manager of the library of Tolentino, introduced the meeting, in collaboration with Unitre and the mayor Giuseppe Pezzanesi, who greeted the audience in the hall Sala Mari: "We believe in the things we do, we are proud of our city. Exhibitions such as BIUMOR and Popsophia give the city of Tolentino an important reputation, nationally and abroad, also organising significants evenings and events.




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