"Honesty!Honesty!" A declared, recurrent, shouted watchword.

"Honesty!Honesty!" Metaphor of an honest, immaculate world, which is anthropologically finer than the filthy, nauseating world of all the others.
"Honesty!Honesty!" Moralists in the Halls of power, not respected political figures.
"Honesty!Honesty!" Political strategy, insight into society and the world, sense of belonging in politics.
"Honesty!Honesty!" Waging war against modernity and progress in the name of ethical diversity and cultural supremacy.
"Honesty!Honesty!" Pre-political status that falls outside the aptitude and capabilities of a decent manager.
"Honesty!Honesty!" Political debate reduced to a virtual scrutiny of criminal records.
"Honesty!Honesty!" Critical issue that is a lot more intricate than this watchword may suggest.

The 29th Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte discusses this politically fierce and culturally predominant watchword. Its theme is meant to
spark serious and careful thought about the moral standards and hypocrisy in today’s society; it does so making use of humour – a surrogate, outside,
unbiased perspective that complicates things.




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The Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte celebrates the 30th edition in november.
The 30th Biennale 2019 discusses this politically fierce and culturally predominant watch word: “Hatred”