Last year, the cultural proposal offered a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, opening events and Popsophia Days (Giornate di Popsophia) at the Castle of La Rancia. Over this year, that is a transitional, waiting period between the last edition and the next one, the proposal is going to be enriched by further ideas. Therefore, 2014 is a fully systematic route including conventions, conferences, exhibitions, new events which will enliven Tolentino that will finish at the end of Summer with the closing event at La Rancia. A national cultural proposal, attended by a large group of protagonists in contemporary culture.

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Biennale 2014

warumkrieg228x149  Warum War


The 2014 Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte (International Bienniale of Humor in the Arts) in Tolentino opens its doors taking a quantum leap, already announced at the closing event. The synergy between Biennale, Popsophia, Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata), educational establishments and cultural associations creates BIUMOR. This is an uninterrupted cultural project.

Biennale tutto l’anno, Biennale tutti gli anni (Biennale all year round, Biennale through all the years), is the concrete result of an innovative choice made by the Administrative and the Artistic Direction by Professor Evio Hermas Ercoli.  



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2014 BIUMOR revolves around the centenary of World War I, led by the theme Warum War, that is “Why was it?”. This burning question is the leit motiv in the epistolary exchange “Warum Krieg”(Why War) between Freud an Einstein, on the reason and cause of that war.
BIUMOR holds the exhibition La Grande Guerra nella cartografia satirica d’Europa (The Great War portrayed in the Satirical Cartography of Europe), a unique event, a humorous, historical, political, even graphical reflection about tensions between the European countries in 1914.